The Bottle and Can Redemption Association (BACRA) was created to benefit redemption centers across New York State.

Email: contact@bacra.org


  1. Organize and partner with other groups and organizations to promote legislation that supports the needs of redemption centers.
  2. Communicate with and educate our elected representatives regarding the importance of passage of the Bigger Better Bottle Bill, especially the need to increase the woefully inadequate handling fee.
  3. Promote statewide membership and require active participation of all members in BACRA through newsletters, website, meetings, and an online forum.
  4. Ensure that distributors and/or their representatives are collecting, counting and paying accurately and promptly.
  5. Promote redemption centers as an easier and more convenient alternative to grocery stores.
  6. Advocate tying the handling fee to the consumer price index, or some other measure of inflation instead of requiring new legislation to make handling fee adjustments. The DEC would review this periodically and adjust the fee.
  7. Educate ourselves regarding all legislation that impacts small business and redemption centers in particular.
  8. Use collective buying power to lower the cost of supplies.
  9. Support one another and share ideas to implement expansion when the bottle bill includes non-carbonated beverages.